Top 5 enhancements to a Presidential Teleprompter or a Speech Prompter

  1. Wired Controller
  2. A wired controller to control the movement of the script on the electronic screen of a Speech Prompter is one of the most crucial parts of the system to enhance the control of the presenter on the script. A wide range of teleprompter controllers is available in the modern and hi-tech Speech Prompters. Such teleprompter controllers should be selected according to the skills and need of the presenter as well as the setting of the video recording system with a speech prompter. Such wired controllers can be hand operable and foot operable depending on the need of the situation.

  3. HDMI connectivity
  4. HDMI connectivity is the latest and most feature-packed type of audio and video output in most of the modern display devices. An HDMI interface provides a superior quality video and audio transmission in any kind of setup. One doesn’t require an extra cable layout for audio with an HDMI connectivity. A speech prompter system having HDMI connectivity can be assumed compatible with most of the latest models if computer systems and laptops. Hence, an HDMI connectivity can be considered the most sought after compatibility feature to a Speech Prompter System. It also serves the purpose of transmitting high definition script video output to the speech prompter system.

  5. Portable carry case
  6. In today's world, innovators and manufacturers are trying hard to squeeze most of the technologies into smaller devices. In reference to the Speech, Prompter system consists of a number of parts or units combined together for the desired functioning. This hampers them to be easily transported from one place to another. To serve this purpose modern teleprompter systems have to be split to various parts which can be broken down and re-assembled quickly with ease. A portable carry case can be accompanied by the system where the entire Speech Prompter System can be broken down and safely packed into a portable carry case. This makes the system easy to carry from one place to another. This also fetches savings for the buyer as the system is not restricted to a single place of installation and can be easily carried to different places to save a separate installation of the device.

  7. High brightness monitor
  8. Most of the Speech Prompter systems are used in open spaces and large auditoriums with ample ambient lighting. In such a situation it is important for the screen on which the script is being displayed to be of high brightness. Since the presenter reads the script form reflecting mirrors placed above the screen at a height. This also diminishes the brightness of the reflected screen. Hence a high definition and high brightness reflecting screen must be used with a Speech Prompter System for its optimum utilization. In an ideal condition, a minimum of 250 nits is considered suitable for all types of speech deliveries with a Speech Prompter. A higher brightness may be considered for an outdoor or a brightly lit auditorium.

  9. Wireless Controllers
  10. Newer Speech Prompter models are nowadays accompanied by wireless script controllers. Such wireless controllers are considered suitable for situations where there is a need for recording a video of a presenter without visualizing the controller being operated by the presenter. Such controllers also provide mobility to the speaker to move and speak to audiences. Although such a controller cannot be relied upon because being wireless the control range is influenced with the ambient setup which may be consisting of various other wireless devices being used simultaneously. Thus in such cases, a wired controller is considered most reliable for flawless speech delivery.

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