Everything you ever wanted to know about the Speech Prompter – Explained

1. What is Speech Prompter?

Speech Prompter ‘which is also known as stage teleprompter’. Speech prompter is a setup consisting of a monitor which is right under a reflective glass. The mirror is mounted at the top of a special stand, and the monitor is close to the bottom of the stand. Even though there’s this distance between the two, the mirror still reflects the displayed text perfectly. Stage Teleprompter is for delivering speeches to large live audiences and the goal is to appear confident and to keep eye contact with the audience. In a standard setup, it includes two stands, each with its own mirror and monitor. One stand is positioned in front of the speaker on the right, and one on the left. The speaker turns from one to the other throughout the speech, thus addressing both sides of the audience.

2. Why it has become trendy?

Speech-prompter can be easily adjusted in any environment and hence prove to be a great tool for public speaking. It can be set above the head of the audience which gives them an impression of direct eye contact. It also relieves the presenter from the labor of collecting and writing facts and figures which can be easily retrieved through various digital content at your convenience. Overall it helps the speaker to deliver a confident and seamless speech delivery.

3. Where should I use it?

Presidential Teleprompters are preferred when the speaker is giving a speech to an audience. It ensures that the speaker looks as natural as possible and has no risk of losing or forgetting lines from the speech.  Such a speech prompter may be used in public speaking and into corporate training and presentations.

4. Who uses it primarily?

A stage teleprompter is mainly used by public speakers and politicians to deliver a lengthy speech or presentation to a large audience. The main goal of a stage teleprompter is to enable the speaker to look as natural as real while reading the prewritten script for the audience.  At the same time, speech prompters can also be used to record live video production from a variety of angles of a live speaker.

5. How should I buy one?

Like many other useful gadgets and devices, the speech prompters are also available on the online platform to buy. But make sure it is the right one you required for your purpose. Such speech prompters are commonly not into general demand as it only restricted to public speakers and politicians. Nowadays such speech prompters are also being used by large classrooms lecturers to deliver lessons to the students with confidence and eye contact. A stage teleprompter is to scrutinized for a number of factors to get the right one. Since technology is a bit new and less common one can directly consult an industry specialist to advise you over the best-suited one for you. A speech prompter like EAPL’s SmarOrator® is quite popular and demanded among the public speakers and politicians. The easy to use interface and the ease of assembly and packing makes it the first choice of a large number of tech-savvy speakers.  

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