5 things to know before buying a Studio Teleprompter

Height adjustable tripod stand

The teleprompter should consist of a height adjustable tripod stand. A fixed height stand instead would not serve the purpose of a flexible adjustment of the script view of the teleprompter system. A height adjustable tripod stand helps to adjust the height of the screen and the angle of view for the speakers or narrators of different height. Apart from the ability to adjust height the stand should also be firm and sturdy to avoid any kind of misalignment of the teleprompter system. The height adjustability also provides scope for the camera to be adjusted and focused to the orator to have a customized and enhanced video depending on the type of camera being used.

Tip – To make the video of the narrator more photogenic and hide the less confident areas of his face, place the recording camera at a height slightly above the face of the speaker.

Reinforced mounting rig of metal

The rig or the mounting rail over which the teleprompter and the recording camera is placed should be strong and sturdy enough to keep the entire system at a desirable height and firmly fixed. A plastic or ABS rig tend to bend and disturb the arrangement of the system in an outdoor setup with a lot of sunlight or due to a high ambient temperature. This makes the metal mounting rigs a more suitable option to go for as it can withstand the entire system firmly placed in position for a longer period of time. Apart from choosing a metal rigged system, it is also necessary to choose enough thick and strong metal rig to avoid any dislocation. This ensures the protection of expensive teleprompter system and the recording camera as they are placed at a height from the ground.

Transparency of the reflecting should be 70:30 and not 60:40

Optical grade teleprompter mirrors, also known as dielectric beam splitting mirrors, allow the camera to record through them with flawless picture quality while providing you a crisp reflecting of your text. A 70:30 beam splitting mirror is meant to be 70% transparent and 30% opaque from either side to allow maximum light to pass through the glass for the camera to capture clear images from the other side and simultaneously enable the script on the other side to been seen. A higher ration of the glass transparency such as 60:40 and others, can inhibit the optimum amount of light to pass from the from side to pass through and results into compromised brightness in the video or ghost images from the camera.

A hand-held script controller connected to the system

An ideal hand-held controller should be able to be connected to the computer system through USB or any other interface. A hand-held controller connected directly to the system at the screen or stand of teleprompter system make is more vulnerable to disturbances in the alignment of the screen, mirror and camera positions. In addition to this, it also involves a longer connecting the cable from the speaker to the teleprompter screen. Thus, a hand-held controller having the ability to be connected directly to the computer system from where the script is being fed to the teleprompter system would be most ideal for a secure and easy to use teleprompter system.

Light protected arrangement for the recording camera.

In order to record a crystal-clear video of the narrator in front of the teleprompter system, it is necessary to protect the camera lens from fluctuations of the ambient light. To achieve this, a teleprompter system should consist of an appropriate arrangement for the camera lens to be placed such that the unwanted light from around the system can be inhibited to reach the camera lens. The housing socket of the camera lens should be light proof and only the desired amount of light only from the opposite side of the beam splitting mirror should be allowed to pass through. This makes the video recorded from the camera to be free from any unwanted light and dark spots.

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