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Teleprompter is the prompting solution for the video professionals, speakers and news readers to deliver presentation/speech without any practice. There is no doubt that good communication skill plays a vital role to achieve success in today's world. We give the importance to those people, who have the ability to speak well. If you communicate well then you make a great impact on the society. Teleprompter allows speakers to read directly looking into the teleprompter mirror and maintain eye-to-eye contact with the audience. Teleprompter software supports text-formatting such as manipulating of font type, size, foreground and background colour with full text-editing. We offer easy-to-use, feature-rich Speech Prompter with user-friendly management. Now a days the Teleprompter has become a crucial part for Politicians, Leaders, News Readers and Presenters for delivering their speech with fluency and confidence. We are providing a powerful Speech Prompter solution for conference room, lecture room and presentation hall, where speakers delivers the script fluently while audience are unaware of reading behind. Today's leaders including Presidents and Prime ministers of all countries use teleprompter while addressing their public meetings, hence this system is also known as president prompter. Our feature-rich Teleprompter provides all the functions, latest features and enhancements required by an organization. In today's fast pacing life teleprompter reduces burden of memorizing long speeches. We are the manufacturer and supplier of professional Teleprompter and Speech Prompter.


Studio Teleprompter

Teleprompter prompts a speaker to deliver his written speech script with the help of an electronic system without losing eye to eye contact with the audience. Using our powerful 'Teleprompter' system, the presenter directly looks into the camera/audience without looking down to his written notes and delivers his script effectively. Our powerful 'Teleprompter' is the best prompting solution that runs easily on any multimedia computer system.

Speech Teleprompter
SmartOrator SP01
Speech Prompter

Speech Teleprompter is a solution that enables a presenter to address and deliver any kind of presentation in any conference room or auditorium without any practice. We have conveniently clubbed the functions of our feature-rich Speech Prompter with a specially designed State-of-the-Art Smart Podium that can help you to exploit all available features of such podium to make your presentation extraordinary for the audience.

Features of Teleprompter/ Speech Prompter

No need to learn script for effective, confident and accurate delivery
Eliminates need for notes, cue cards and index cards
Allows speaker to focus more on style and delivery rather than on memorizing contents
Enables presenter to maintain eye-to-eye contact with the audience
Makes complicated speeches and presentations more consistent
Easy-to-use and feature-rich user management
Helps in maintaining flow and fluency of speech
Professional height adjustable and glass adjustable stand with robust monitor base
Adjustable scrolling speed according to user's convenience.
Software supports Indian and foreign languages

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